Vault Productions to continue weekly web series at Speedbowl

Vault Productions, who are currently producing a documentary film project on the Waterford Speedbowl, have announced they will start filming the current events on a weekly basis at the track for a web episode (a.k.a. webisode) series.  The idea was created from a webisode they produced this past weekend when NASCAR Modified driver Burt Myers visited the track.  Myers competes on the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour and weekly at the famed Bowman-Gray Stadium in North Carolina.  He was also recently part of the television show “Madhouse” on the History Channel – a reality show about modified racing at Bowman-Gray.  Myers appeared at the Speedbowl on April 10th after qualifying earlier in the day at Thompson Speedway for a NASCAR Modified event the following day.

Burt_Myers_Apr_2010Executive Producer Tom ‘Sid’ DiMaggio had previously filmed the last two Finale Weekend events at Waterford with his production crew.   “I felt that Burt Myers coming to the Speedbowl was a big deal.  He was just on TV the last few months and has become somewhat of a national star in the short track racing community.  If he had won the modified event at the Speedbowl this weekend and I wasn’t there to film it, I wouldn’t be a very good producer of our documentary.  I felt like I had to be there.”

As it turned out, Myers was involved in a wreck early and the event as a whole was red-checkered after only 10 laps.  “Although the event last weekend was not a great event overall, it did lead us to think about covering the events weekly.” stated DiMaggio.   “The Speedbowl has a unique, small track USA vibe to it.  I think covering the events on a weekly basis could make for some cool online videos and help promote short track racing at the Speedbowl even more.”

DiMaggio also said his crew on the documentary, consisting of his lead cameraman Jesse Gleason and his brother Brent, will be the crew behind the webisode series as well.   DiMaggio also noted the crew is starting out with no budget and the efforts to produce it will be largely voluntary.  “We will do as much as we can as a labor of love.  We will try to generate some revenue eventually, but exactly how we can do that is yet to be determined.  It’s really early in the ballgame for that.  We think we have a good idea though, so we’re going to give it a shot